Anti-Candida Diet

Anti-Candida Diet Tweed Heads

Candida is an opportunistic yeast that is a normal part of our microbiome. Opportunistic means that under healthy conditions, the levels of yeast in the body are kept in check, however when something is amiss within the body, such as gut dysbiosis from antibiotic use, heavy metal toxicity, acidity, infection, parasites or poor liver detoxification, this allows for the yeast to grow and cause problems. We actually need Candida within our body as it does contribute to important roles such as nutrient absorption, digestive health, pH balance and immune function. However, when candida overgrowth occurs, we experience symptoms like:

  • White coating on your tongue.

  • Brain fog, poor concentration and poor short term memory.

  • Debilitating fatigue.

  • Joint and/or muscle pain.

  • Sugar and carbohydrate cravings.

  • Digestive issues such as bloating, IBS or food sensitivities.

  • Weight gain.

  • Dark under eye circles.

  • Thrush (oral and/or vaginal).

  • Dental problems or bad breath.

  • Skin fungal infections, rashes, itchiness, eczema, psoriasis or hives.

  • Nail fungal infections.

  • Low moods, irritability, anxiety or depression.

  • Alcohol intolerance (alcohol affects you easily and quickly).


In order to bring Candida levels back into check, a short term diet change is required and you may feel profoundly better afterwards. The main component of the diet is to restrict sugar, starches and mould contaminated foods as this is what the Candida feeds upon. It’s very important to commit to the Anti-Candida Diet guidelines as strictly as possible so that you have the best chance possible at clearing the Candida overgrowth in a short time frame, as Candida overgrowth is very sensitive to the diet. 

Understandably, due to the many components of the diet and the sensitivity of Candida to certain foods, this diet protocol needs to be completed under the guidance of a qualified Nutritionist. Jacqui Baihn has created an Anti-Candida Diet Program to help her clients with this particular issue. Click the link below to schedule your initial consultation with Jacqui and begin cleansing Candida overgrowth.