Tweed Heads Nutritionist

How can a Nutritionist help me?

A Nutritionist takes a holistic approach when helping their clients. Nutritionist's view each person and their health picture including their symptoms, test results, medical history, genetics, environment and lifestyle as a whole, rather than treating each symptom individually. After studying a Health Science degree, Nutritionist's understand pathology and the biochemistry within the body, plus how this interacts with nutrients and food compounds that can either support health and bring biochemistry back into balance, or drive disease progression. 


Nutritionist's recognise how your collection of symptoms may all be connected and can lead them to understand the underlying cause of your health concerns. As an example, if your main concern is bloating, the approach would be to review the health of the whole gastrointestinal system and support that system as a whole to reduce the bloating and to promote improved gastrointestinal health. Nutritionist's also understand that poor gut function can contribute to concerns in other body systems (such as hormone imbalance or acne) and how by addressing the gut we can see a flow on effect to improved hormonal or skin health.

During an initial 1 hour consultation, Jacqui's aim is to learn as much as possible about you and your health picture, plus to understand your priorities to help you to achieve your goals. Jacqui is then able to formulate a plan that involves the diet, lifestyle advice, nutritional supplementation, testing or referrals (if need be). 

Area's of Special Focus:
Period Pain
Fatigue & Chronic Stress
Preconception Care