Weight Loss

Weight Loss - Gold Coast & Tweed Heads

Weight loss is more than just calories in vs calories out. A whole range of factors come into play that contribute to your ability to lose body fat and should be considered with any weight loss program. It truly is a holistic picture that is the key to lasting results.


Have you ever been told that you need to restrict your calories further and exercise harder to lose weight, despite restricting your diet and exercising to exhaustion whilst seeing no results? While some people really do bring in more energy via food than they need or simply aren’t moving enough, there are many, many people trying their hardest to lose weight, and it’s just not budging (despite the calorie restriction and exercising). This may indicate that something deeper is amiss and needs to be addressed first. Jacqui will assess whether an energy imbalance is occurring, or whether deeper investigation is required.

In a consultation, we will look deeper into the reasons that you may not be losing weight, including:

  • Diet: Is your food intake balanced? Are you eating good quality food each day? Are you skipping meals? What is your vegetable and fibre intake daily?

  • Digestion: Are you bloated, constipated, or reacting to everything you eat? 

  • Energy: Do you experience an afternoon energy slump? Are you tired upon waking? Are you tired but wired late at night?

  • Sleep: Do you fall asleep easily? Do you wake multiple times per night? What time are you going to bed?

  • Hydration: Are you drinking enough water? How much coffee are you drinking? 

  • Stress: How are you managing your stress? Are you taking enough breaks? Are you practicing self-care?

  • Exercise: What time of the day are you exercising? How often are you exercising? What kinds of exercise are you doing? Are you over-exercising?

  • Hormones: Do you experience weight fluctuations around your menstrual cycle? Where are you holding the most weight? Are you experiencing any other menstrual cycle issues? Do you have a history of thyroid problems?

These are just some of the areas you can expect to cover in your Weight Loss Nutrition consultation. If weight loss is not addressed from a whole-person point of view, you could be missing that one thing that is the key to finally shifting weight.

Weight loss shouldn’t be about punishing your body and your mind with over the top restrictions and pushing yourself too hard. This only leads to problems elsewhere in the body and mind over time, often with the weight coming back. By using a holistic approach focusing on a nourishing diet, body movement, rest and self-care, you're truly making positive changes towards your weight loss goals.